30 Days of Smiles 😊

30 Days of Smiles 😊

I LOVE journaling. I think if you couple a journaling habit with meditation it can do wonders for your mental health, focus and productivity. I wrote about Morning Pages, which a specific type of journalling already (check it out here).

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

I wanted to talk about what I think is the easiest way to begin journalling, and this is with a Daily Smile.

I believe that positivity breeds positivity, and negativity breeds negativity. This is partly why I left a lot of social media networks (I just don’t need the negativity in my life). I wanted to focus on bringing more positivity into my daily life and to focus on the good — and this is where my Daily Smiles journal comes in.

I use the app DayOne for my Daily Smile. I have a few offline journals (I’m a huge fan of Hobonichi) but my Daily Smile is something I want to keep with me at all times, so if I’m out and about and there is a moment that make me laugh or simply put a big smile on my face I can pull out my phone and write it into the app. And when I’m feeling low, I can go back through my Daily Smiles and it helps perk me up!

Each day I write a couple of sentences of what made me smile. It’s that simple. It could be a movie that I enjoyed, or some food that was amazing. Or it could just be that I had a day where you got to relax.

For example, I’ve been going to the gym regularly since July 2022 and this was a huge deal for me as I was so intimidated by it. However, with the support of the best PT in the world (I’m biased, but it’s true) I have been able to make some incredible progress and I’m surprised what this 41 year old body is capable of! A few weeks ago I was able to achieve a new personal best on the deadlift and so that went straight into my Daily Smile!

Picture of weights on a barbell with a journal entry celebrating hitting a personal best of 117.5kg

(I’ve since beat this and my new PB is 120kg! 💪)

So if you’re new to journaling and don’t know where to start, I’d highly recommend just writing a sentence or two each day on something that made you smile.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🥰