Hello and a Warm Welcome to 2024! 🎉

Hello and a Warm Welcome to 2024! 🎉
Anthony in the Sala Premier Bar, Malaga - taken March 2023

As I sit here, looking back over the swathe of time stretching six months since my last post, I can't help but feel a tickle of nostalgia. Despite the perceived silence from this side of the screen, I assure you - my thoughts have been anything but quiet. Each day, teeming with ideas and contemplations, has been a hotbed of creativity, even if the fruits of my labours remained in a cozy cocoon of "works-in-progress" or multi-thousand word rants about nothing in particular.

2023, didn't just swing open a few new doors - it tore down walls. This one pivotal year played host to milestones galore. From testing the waters of matrimonial bliss to diving headfirst into a challenging new career path; I went from a 15 year veteran of my specialism to a complete novice and boy howdy, this journey continues to be every shade of exciting. Moreover, the fitness regime finally began painting its masterpiece as I developed a pectoral muscle and our YouTube channel has started to find its audience, with its cheerleaders rooting from the digital sidelines.

Through these milestones, this cozy corner of the internet, this not entirely boring corner, however, took a winter hibernation. (Well, most of summer and all of autumn hibernation as well) But as 2024 unfurls its new dawn, it's time to break the sleep and jump head first out of bed.

Life has taught me several hard-earned lessons. How the right font can whisper to our deepest emotions, how a diligent edit can transform the mundane to the magical, how baking might not be my cup of tea after all, and how New Year's Resolutions, no matter how often unfulfilled or abandoned, can fuel the momentum of a driven soul. I'm a self-admitted goal-digger, and as we usher in 2024, I'm charting my path with clear, actionable goals - split into personal, professional, and a dash of something that straddles both worlds, fondly christened as 'Perfessional Goals'.

One of my proudest pledges is to share with you at least 50 pieces from my mental canvas over the next 12 months - blogs or essays fresh off the press, the first of which is taking flight as this newsletter wings its way to you. (And since it is January, I'm writing about weight loss and taking advantage of the increase in searches on google as millions of people start to regret that extra mince pie)

How I totally lost it. A Weight Loss Story for your 2024 Goals
With a new year finally here, many will be looking for inspiration to lose weight. And I thought that I’d selfishly capitalise on the increase in google search traffic and give you the story of my (ongoing) weight loss journey and how, after two years, I’m still going strong and

The coming months will dance to familiar tunes - the melody of productivity, the rhythm of literature, the crescendos of technology, the vibrant beats of gaming, and the soothing harmony of travel. "Not Entirely Boring" is a pledge to defy the confines of a single niche, and continues the promise to be a kaleidoscope of about interests and experiences.

Come the first of each month, I'll knock on your inbox door with not just blog updates (since we're dodging the scheduling rut), but also an assortment of intriguing finds from my digital exploration.

So here's to another year of learning, growth and seizing the day. Thank you for sharing this marathon with me. Wishing you a splendid New Year.

With all my best wishes,

Ant x